I am absolutely disgusted and horrified by the board's decision to consider breed specific bans on d...ogs. Maria Flynn's stated statistics were not only from a source that is seedy at best - they are also false. How entitled and ignorant must one be to justify considering murdering innocent living beings because they have once felt "intimidated" by their presence. If you are that cowardly, John Baar, Mark Moy, and Maria Flynn, I have unfortunate news for you: it is not the breed that is the problem. It's you. Shame on you for this cruel and dangerous consideration. I urge you to take this off your meeting agenda and leave this ugly humiliating instance behind you. Oak Brook has more class than this. 展开
It has been brought to my attention that you will be having a formal hearing regarding the possibili...ty of instituting breed specific legislation (BSL) in your city.

Not only did your police chief go on record as saying there has never been a report of an incident involving a pit bull or rottweiler, one of your board members stated that a pit bull ban "was something to consider" because he once "saw a pit bull outside a school and was intimidated." You can't even make up a quote like that.

Please understand that while Oak Brook is a beautiful place, I will no longer pay for any type of services within the city limits if BSL is enacted. Also, please be aware that thousands will also do the same.