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Posted on: April 3, 贵州11选5走势图

COVID-19 Relief Group

Covid-10 Relief

COVID-19 Relief Group

Our community is facing the biggest challenge ever since World War II– COVID-19. Healthcare workers and first responders are the front lines of this war, and their safety is critical to this battle. A group of local young people have taken the initiative and volunteering to work day and night for our community to secure essential medical supplies for healthcare workers and first responders. In the last two weeks, they have been making great progress towards their goals:

They have raised over $25K from 60+ donors. These funds will be used towards securing medical supplies for healthcare workers and first responders. Currently, they are working diligently with the village, hospital, clinics, and nursing 贵州11选5走势图 to meet their quantitative needs and qualitative standards.

They have collected 400+ N95 face masks, 2100+ surgical masks, 130+ sanitizers, 2300+ gloves, and 90 thermometers from our loving local residents. Thank you for all your generosity!

They have dispatched 350+ N95 face masks, 1900+ surgical masks, 100+ sanitizers, and 1600+ gloves to 10+ institutes including local hospitals, clinics, nursing 贵州11选5走势图s, and first responders. They are also working to provide our police and fire departments with essential supplies.

What can you do to help?

Stay at 贵州11选5走势图 and keep social distancing. Be safe and healthy!

Bookmark their Facebook page. Please follow them, like us, share us on your FB, and promote their page to your neighbors!

If your kids would like to volunteer, feel free to sign up here At least it’s better than playing video games!  Volunteer hour certificate will be provided upon request.

Keep supporting the group through GoFundMe! Doctors have been telling us this coronavirus battle will last over two months. We must work together to purchase supplies and keep our community’s first responders and healthcare workers well prepared.

Keep donating whatever medical supplies and sanitary items you can spare! Please register here before you donate. (This link only works in a separate browser. Please copy and paste the link) To limit your outdoor exposure, we can provide pick-up service when needed.

If any of the hospitals or clinics need supplies, please fill the request forms here Due to the high demand, we will try our best to allocate the resource and prioritize the dispatching.

Feel free to contact贵州11选5走势图 at (630) 481-6182


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